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    Produce Mop Yarn, Blanket Yarn, and Fiber Wastes

    We are a leading yarns manufacturer established in 1985 in Gresik, Indonesia which focusing in the production of yarns for mop and blanket application and also fibers for stuffing materials.


    hotel luxury linens

    Savannah Fine Linens provides customers with the finest linens made by some of the world\'s top weavers. A selection of natural fibers, from silk and linens to the best Egyptian cottons, cashmere, and the latest in bamboo, beechwood, and organics


    Produce Mop Yarn, Open End yarn (OE) and Blanket yarn

    We are manufacturer of Mop Yarn, Open End Yarn (OE), and Blanket Yarn which made from regenerated recycle fiber. Our product are applicable for Cleaning Mop, Floor Cloth, Gloves,Socks, Towel, Sweater, Carpet, Blanket, and others kinds.


    Gassed Yarn

    We deal and supply best quality of Yarns and cotton, open end yarn, man made fiber yarns, acrylic yarns, dyed yarns, cotton gassed mercerized yarn, cotton blended yarn, core spun yarn, compact yarn, Modal Yarn.